The top 10 kitchen trends on Pinterest in 2020

Pinterest is a wonderful source of inspiration, with mood boards waiting to be created for every taste. We’ve compiled the vogue, up-and-coming kitchen looks of 2020 to ignite your renovations.


1. Raw materials

This year, we saw kitchens stripped back to basics to showcase the natural beauty of organic materials. Timber, stone and metals took centre stage, with unpainted wood cabinets, industrial worktops, stone sinks, leather and wood drawer pulls, and gunmetal taps.


2. Bold jewel colours

This warm, inviting palette gives a luxe feel to any interior. Bottle green, blue and teal have proven to be particularly popular. With lightness added in the form of contrasting white top cupboards to blend in with fresh walls, offsetting the impactful dark base units. 


3. Patterned flooring

2019 saw the return of the intricate flooring with bold, vintage-inspired tiles. These draw out the vibrant cabinet colours and skillfully tie together the overall look.


4. Matte Black

Some designers have taken it a step further than the rich jewel tones, with matte black replacing crisp white as the new chic. From those who have wholeheartedly embraced the trend to create intimate workspaces, to those who used the colour to inject a stylish element to contrast white walls and integrated wooden elements such as shelving to soften the edges of this design.


5. Feature splashbacks

Statement feature walls are being created from tall, imposing slabs of marble, granite or quartz. This luxurious look is being utilised in design circles to create a sleek and sophisticated kitchen. The same technique is being used with ornate tiling to offer an alternative styling.


6. Classic kitchen

The fundamental element that has inspired most designers of beautiful kitchen this year, has been the clever blend of vintage and modern. The immaculate intertwine of classic foundations with elements to bring the whole space into the present day - such as industrial pendant lights, wire shelving and copper piping integrated. 


7. Fluted glass

One element of the vintage theme proved particularly popular, with cabinet-makers injecting art deco elegance back into the home in the form of fluted glass. This evokes the era of decadence and glamour - reinstating the added depth and interest, whilst remaining simple and elegant.


8. Grids

The new wall tile trend that is being embraced is a variation of the well established underground tile - this time using square tiles with dark grouting to highlight the grid effect. Heavily Scandinavian inspired, this is a popular look amongst urban designers who prefer a stripped back look to the decadence that has dominated many of the 2019 fashions.


9. Optical illusions

To achieve the height of kitchen design, disguised storage, seamlessly integrated appliances and concealed extractors are blending completely within the foundations of the kitchen to achieve undisturbed style.


10. High tech

As technology advances and gadgets evolve, kitchen’s haven’t been forgotten in this sphere. New features include hoodless ventilation, wine conditioning units, wifi connected appliances and cooker hoods that auto-adjust using sensors to detect the ferocity of what is cooking below.


Header Image Source: Caesarstone

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