The results are in: what's most important for your new kitchen

We wanted to know just what you really consider most important when renovating your kitchen, so we conducted some research to find out more. 

Whilst platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest provide plenty of inspiration to influence our plans, we’ve delved into the data from our Kitchen Design Survey to see what you really want from your new kitchen.


Most popular style:

5031 Statuario Maximus5031 Statuario Maximus

Contemporary design stole the top spot, with 34% favouring this scheme.

Traditional styling was just pipped to the post for overall popularity, reaching an equally impressive 33% of votes cast.


Popular colours to incorporate in your design:

White remains a consistent favourite, being the most popular colour choice at 59%. Grey was a very close second, with 58% of you inspired by this subtle and versatile shade.

Other popular kitchen palettes include cream, and for those wanting to inject a bolder statement to your design then blue, green and black were the hottest colourways. 

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Top 5 most important requirements for your new kitchen:

Interestingly, respondents all highlighted the most crucial aspects of their renovation were all features to maximise its potential. Need for optimal space, storage and practicality are key:

  1. Plenty of worktop space - 61%
  2. Smart storage solutions for a small space - 37%
  3. Plenty of cabinetry - 34%
  4. Functionality - 30%
  5. An island - 28%

5131 Calacatta Nuvo5131 Calacatta Nuvo

With 74% planning to invest between £5-20k towards their renovation project, it’s crucial that the components used to achieve such a flawless design are carefully considered. Given that worktop space came out on top of overall requirements, let’s dig deeper to see what features of a surface are most sought after…


Top 5 important criteria for your kitchen worktops:

  1. Durability - 64%
  2. Stain resistance - 39%
  3. Heat resistance - 25%
  4. Value for money - 24%
  5. Colour choice - 23%

Given that practicality is a fundamental requirement for fuelling the renovation process, then it’s hardly surprising that practicality is at the forefront for worktop choice. Therefore material choice should be the key consideration when choosing a surface. Quartz is an ideal option, which perfectly blends supreme quality with inspiring design.  

5141 Frosty Carrina5141 Frosty Carrina


What do you want to use your new kitchen for?

Considering beyond the foremost expected use of a kitchen (cooking and eating), over half of you highlighted socialising as a predominant use for your new space. Therefore contemplating a refreshed layout which will utilise your space to best enable family and friends to gather. With this in mind, it could be an optional opportunity to consider a kitchen extension to afford scope for an expanded open-plan living area.


Is the worktop the most important feature of your new kitchen? Discover the innovation, artistry and high performance of Caesarstone surfaces.

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