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In a transformative year, we’ve been forced into a period of great change. But with this comes the opportunity to refresh, renew and adapt our homes to suit our changing needs. 

A big part of what makes a design is the colour palette. It casts influence over every element and influences an environment to the extent it can have an effect on our mood and wellbeing. Use 2021 as a chance to reset your kitchen with a new scheme to make your home a true oasis. 




4033 Rugged Concrete

In a year where we’ve been largely confined indoors and spending for more time at home, we’ve found joy in nature. With this in mind, 2021 sees us embracing bringing the outdoors in. Discover ways to introduce green to your kitchen


Earthy tones


5810 Black Tempal 

Similarly, we’ll be embracing natural elements and drawing on materials such as woods, metals, and stone, with a natural base palette and warm tones used to continue our reconnection with nature.

Warm tones 


4735 Oxidian

As outings to atmospheric bars and restaurants become a less regular occurrence, then designers are looking to introduce the richness and luxuriousness into our homes that we are lacking. Jewel colours, deep blacks and opulent golds are set to take centre stage. 



3100 Jet Black

3100 Jet Black

The most decadent shade of all is black and 2021 is set to continue embracing the Art of Darkness. Ideal for creating a current, yet timeless kitchen, black is up there with the top kitchen design colour choices for the year ahead. 



5031 Statuario Maximus

5031 Statuario Maximus

White remains a classic and elegant choice for kitchens. It creates the feeling of brightness and cleanliness which are both increasingly important. The simplicity of a white kitchen suits every style, and provides a perfect base for personalisation. 

Colour contrasts

5101_Empira_Black_Full_Slab_GLOSS (1)

5101 Empira Black

Two colours sat at opposite ends of the colour spectrum from one share a unique synergy. They complement one another and enhance the overall design. Utilise the science behind the visual satisfaction gained from contrasting colours for a highly successful scheme. 

Shades of grey


4044 Airy Concrete

4044 Airy Concrete

Grey creates a sense of calmness and serenity that we’re all looking for and needing to quell the anxieties of life. Utilise shades of grey in your design for a peaceful space to escape to.


Caesarstone offers a diverse range of colours, with the perfect match suitable for any scheme. Explore the Caesarstone Swatch Book to find your ideal surface.


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Images source: Caesarstone