The finishing touch: Selecting the right worktop edge

There are many decisions to be made when it comes to kitchen worktops – generally, colour, texture and style are the ones that tend to get the most attention, wielding significant influence across the overarching aesthetic and functionality of the space. One aspect that can sometimes get overlooked is the worktop edge – it’s the smaller details that can often pull together the entire design.

What is a worktop edge?

Once you’ve selected your favourite Caesarstone kitchen worktop, the edge profile is one of the final touches to the finished product. Depending on the style and thickness of your surface material, there is a range of different edges to choose from to suit various kitchen styles – you’ll be surprised at just how much of an impact the edge can have on the overall aesthetic.

Take a closer look at some of the surface edge profiles available at Caesarstone…

Soft curves

A Bullnose finish offers a completely curved edge, maintaining the same level of thickness. The roundness adds sophisticated comfort and supple softness that’s well juxtaposed against angular cabinetry.

Works best in… Traditional kitchens.


Straight and defined

The Pencil edge is sleek and straightforward, creating a strong, clean line across your worktops. It’s perfect for showcasing intricate veining patterns and brings a sense of continuity and elegant simplicity.

Works best in… Contemporary kitchens.


Pencil Edge


A Mitred solution can create the appearance of a thicker worktop alongside a sharp, seamless line. Usually forming a somewhat softened right angle, it allows the design of the worktop to extend across the edge and add depth without as much weight. The subtly rounded corners soften the overall look and feel.

Works best in… Transitional kitchens.

Mitred Edge


The Shadow edge demonstrates how you can add dynamic detailing to your worktop. With a softened right angle and crisp horizontal inlay, it feels both modern and familiar, depending on the material colour of choice. The deep groove runs along the full breadth of the design to add a unique element to the overall aesthetic.

Works best in… Traditional and contemporary kitchens.

Shadow edge


The Shark Nose lends any worktop an added layer of dimension, featuring a smooth edge that tapers off to the underside. The narrow top feels sleek and refined, creating a certain element and illusion of delicacy.

Works best in… Traditional kitchens.

Shark Nose



A Bevelled edge is perhaps one of the most common, with ornate variations on the type of bevel, including the elegant curves of Dove Chest or cascading Ogee. They add effortless depth and sophistication to your worktop for a timeless appeal.

Works best in… Classic and traditional kitchens.

Bevelled Edge


A focal point

Your worktop needn’t finish at cabinet height – a Waterfall edge can elevate your kitchen island and make it the centre of attention. This edge style extends your chosen material to run vertically down to the floor at the end of your island, perfect for really showing off the striking colour, depth and movement of veined surfaces.


5143 White Attica

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