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There are many decisions to be made when it comes to kitchen worktops – generally, colour, texture and style are the ones that tend to get the most attention, wielding significant influence across the overarching aesthetic and functionality of the space. As your worktop should be one of the first things you choose when designing a new kitchen and as it is such an essential part of your home, no aspect of your worktop should be overlooked or compromised on.

One aspect that can sometimes get overlooked is the kitchen worktop edge profile, which is the specific shape of your worktop edge. After all, it’s the smaller details that can often pull together the entire design. That’s why our online kitchen worktop visualiser allows you to try both our worktops and worktop edges in a variety of kitchen styles, so you can make the right decision for your kitchen.

You may have a preferred kitchen worktop finish, or will chosen fabricator or kitchen design studio might have suggestions for you, but did you know, which worktop edge you can choose will also depend on the worktop material? Both quartz and porcelain have different characteristics, and while they are both extremely durable and make fantastic kitchen worktops, porcelain is generally thinner and therefore not all kitchen worktop edge profiles are achievable with this narrower material.

What is a worktop edge profile?

A worktop edge profile refers to the specific design and shape of the edge or border of a kitchen countertop or worktop. It plays a crucial role in both the functionality and aesthetics of the worktop. Different profiles, such as bullnose, ogee, eased, or bevel, offer distinct looks and may be chosen based on design preferences and practical considerations, like safety and ease of cleaning.

Once you’ve selected your favourite Caesarstone kitchen worktop, you can then choose your edge profile. Depending on whether you’ve chosen quartz or porcelain, your chosen kitchen style and your personal preference, there is a range of different edge profiles to choose from – you’ll be surprised at just how much of an impact the edge can have on the overall aesthetic!

Take a closer look at some of the surface edge profiles available…


Full bullnose

Bullnose worktop finish offers a completely curved edge, maintaining the same level of thickness. The gentle curve and round-off add a soft and inviting ambience and its smooth contours invite touch and interaction, creating a haven where functionality and serenity coalesce. The bullnose worktop edge brings sophisticated comfort and supple softness that’s well juxtaposed against angular cabinetry.

Works best in… family-friendly kitchens and kitchens with a touch of traditional charm.

Suitable for Quartz



Pencil edge

The Pencil worktop edge is sleek and straightforward, creating a strong, clean line across your worktops. The subtle nature of this finish adds a touch of softness to your kitchen whilst providing a seamless transition between elements. It’s perfect for showcasing intricate veining patterns and brings a sense of continuity and elegant simplicity.

Works best in… contemporary kitchens, providing a stylish yet cosy ambience.

Suitable for Quartz




Mitred finish can create the appearance of a thicker worktop alongside a sharp, seamless line. Usually forming a somewhat softened right angle allows the design of the worktop to extend across the edge and add depth without as much weight. The subtly rounded corners soften the overall look and feel.

Works best in… transitional kitchens, mixing a contemporary sleek design with the traditional thick appearance.

Suitable for Quartz and Porcelain



Shadow edge

The Shadow worktop edge demonstrates how you can add dynamic detailing to your worktop. These edges create a captivating visual effect by slightly recessing the underside of the worktop, giving the illusion of a floating surface. With a softened right angle and crisp horizontal inlay, it feels both modern and familiar, depending on the material colour of choice. The deep groove runs along the full breadth of the design to add a unique element to the overall aesthetic.

Works best in… contemporary and industrial kitchens, bringing an element of intrigue and adding the illusion of sharpness.

Suitable for Quartz


Shark Nose

Shark nose

The Shark Nose lends any worktop an added dimension, featuring a smooth edge that tapers off to the underside, defining spaces with its unique flair. The narrow top feels sleek and refined whilst making a bold statement, creating a certain element and illusion of delicacy.

Works best in… Traditional and contemporary kitchens by providing a geometric and angular finish.

Suitable for Quartz



Bevelled edge

Bevelled edge is perhaps one of the most common, with ornate variations on the type of bevel, including the elegant curves of Dove Chest or cascading Ogee. They add effortless depth and sophistication to your worktop for a timeless appeal.

Works best in… classic and traditional kitchens with the gentle slope adding a touch of elegance.

Suitable for Quartz


Double bevelled

Double bevel

The Double Bevelled worktop edge features two symmetrical bevels, each skilfully cut to create a dynamic profile. The result is a contemporary masterpiece that catches the eye with its clean lines and definitive angles. This kitchen worktop finish is a statement of modernity, exuding confidence and a touch of architectural flair.

Works best in… contemporary kitchens with precise angle pairing with aesthetics of this style.

Suitable for Quartz




The Eased worktop edge profile is a testament to the notion that less is often more and epitomises minimalist beauty. With a gently rounded straight profile, it offers a clean and minimalist profile that enhances the natural beauty of your kitchen worktop.

Works best in… modern, transitional, and industrial kitchens.

Suitable for Quartz and Porcelain




The Ogee worktop profile is a testament to classic design that transcends trends, offering a touch of timeless elegance to your culinary space. Its gentle undulations catch the light, creating a play of highlights and shadows that dance across the surface, highlighting the depth of colour and design of your chosen kitchen worktop.

Works best in… classic and traditional kitchens where its graceful curves add luxury.

Suitable for Quartz



5143 White Attica

Your worktop needn’t finish at cabinet height – a Waterfall edge can elevate your kitchen island and make it the centre of attention. This style edge can also work wonderfully to wrap the end of your base cabinetry or peninsula. In fact, a waterfall edge does not even need to be a full panel, and instead, can work as a ‘partial waterfall’, cladding only part of a unit. This edge style extends your chosen material to cascade gracefully down the sides of your island like a cascading waterfall, perfect for really showing off the striking colour, depth and movement of veined surfaces.

Works best in… Works best in… contemporary kitchens where dramatic focal points are desired, or in transitional kitchen design where the rectangular monolithic silhouette carries a modern sensibility, whilst veined marble motifs add the traditional appeal.

Suitable for Quartz and Porcelain.


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