7 ways to add green to your kitchen

Green is a multi-faceted colour that can instantly elevate a range of kitchen styles, from the traditional to the ultra-contemporary. Whether it’s a refreshing mint hue, an earthy olive or a bold apple pop, there’s a shade of green to suit all decors and add an extra element of depth to your kitchen colour palette – it’s actually the 4th most popular kitchen colour according to search trends.

It’s a colour often associated with nature, which makes for a great starting point when selecting the right type of green to suit your kitchen, especially considering how prevalent it is in cooking – think asparagus, limes, cucumbers, fresh herbs – the list is endless.

There’s a whole host of ways you can incorporate green into your kitchen – whilst completely green kitchens are rare, they can make a real statement – but for most, a subtle hint is enough to have an impact. Here are some ideas on how you can bring this trending colour into your space…



Kitchen tiles need to be practical, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be aesthetically pleasing, too. There’s a huge range of kitchen tiles available to choose from, including ceramic, porcelain and glass. For almost every type of tile, you’ll be able to find one in a shade of green.

If you’re after a more traditional but still distinctively unique aesthetic, the Abbey Wrightington from Fired Earth has been inspired by Victorian-era patterns and creates a striking effect. Alternatively, emerald green subway tiles can add depth to an industrial kitchen or warmth to a country style kitchen. For a contemporary edge, opt for a bright green glass splashback.





From worktop appliances like kettles and toasters to domestic goods like fridges and dishwashers, there’s plenty of room to get a little more creative in terms of colour choice. This mint green kettle with a supple matte finish feels sophisticated and modern, whilst the Sensé bin from Made combines infra-red technology with a glorious green finish for effortlessly chic waste disposal.

On the larger end of the scale, the iconic Smeg fridge features a spectrum of green shades to choose from, or their beautiful Portofino cooker is available in a bold olive green, inspired by the Italian Riviera. You can even get a green dishwasher from Swan, adding stacks of retro appeal.





Arguably, one of the easiest ways to incorporate a splash of colour into your kitchen is through your tableware. You can mix-and-match different elements like your dining and cutlery sets, to particular mugs, placemats or table linens. The handmade Zoysia glazed stoneware collection at Anthropologie boasts a stunning jewelled turquoise hue – pair with the Zaire Agate cheese board for a truly stunning set up at your next dinner party.

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Another fairly straightforward and simple way to incorporate green into your kitchen is through paint. We love the use of Farrow and Ball’s Card Room Green on the cabinetry to create a serene and calm atmosphere, or the use of Treron on the walls works perfectly in a classic kitchen.






If you’re after an instant addition, you can’t go wrong with the luscious greenery of a houseplant. Be realistic about how much time you’re willing to devote to them and choose accordingly – there are plenty of low-maintenance plants, like a peace lily or aloe vera. With added benefits like air filtration and mood-boosting properties, what’s not to love? Or you could make your own indoor herb garden to liven up your dishes.

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Think out of the box a little bit and there are plenty of ways to add elements of green to your kitchen through different accessories. The Mr Clarke wall clock looks stylishly Scandinavian, whilst a green vase can enhance a plain dining table – like the Mackenzie, exclusive to Habitat.




Bringing artwork into your kitchen can make it feel like home, especially if you select pieces that really resonate with you on a personal level. Here, you can get a little creative with how you add the colour green – you could choose pieces that subtly feature green or make a gallery wall – both of which can create a striking display, particularly in an all-white kitchen. Look no further than Print Club London for bold screenprints like this one by Lucille Clerc, or visit galleries to find editioned prints. The beauty of art is so varied that there’s an option to suit any type of kitchen.



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Header Image Source: Caesarstone

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