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Intricately veined white surfaces are the epitome of luxury and refinement. They encompass a decadence and glamour that both captivates and delights. Equally successful within a traditional design as within a contemporary setting, such surfaces enduringly elevate a kitchen interiors scheme to another level.

5171 Arabetto is part of the new Caesarstone Whitelight Collection, which signals a new reality and inspires a whole new dimension from the inside to connect to the outdoors.

The Inspiration

5171 Arabetto

5171 Arabetto

A swirling galaxy of dynamic grey stripes and speckles that span across a crisp white surface. Capturing a complex composition of minerals in a delicate interlacing of jade and copper that thread through this impressive stone, enhanced by its polished finish.

The inspiration for 5171 Arabetto stems from the endless possibilities of movement and patterns in natural stones. The energetic surface finds its grounding in the earthiness of its stature.

5171 Arabetto is one of the newly launched surfaces, showcasing the natural warmth of Whitelight. The Whitelight Collection is made up of new forms representing the most current compositions of natural stone, and enduring classics that perfectly capture the march of time and a millennia of geological processes.

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Perfect Pairings

5171 Arabetto creates a lasting impression. It charges the entire space around it, pulsating with a dynamic energy that spreads out and then back in again, to the surface. This statement worktop is powerful enough to act as the standalone showcase of a design, sat within a neutral scheme within which 5171 Arabetto is the highlight.

The complex depths of forest green, jade and terracotta hues found in the movement of 5171 Arabetto’s veining offer a foundation for a variety of colour schemes, from classical palettes built out of neutrals such as whites, greys or blacks, to more daring designs composed of bold colour and material combinations.

5171 Arabetto

5171 Arabetto

A creatively memorable combination can be made by dressing it up with brushed gold and chrome hardware, or it can be kept looking sleek with stainless steel. Black or dark cabinetry contrast its lighter shades perfectly, while off-white panels and flooring can keep the room aloft. A high-end trend for walnut furniture blends the beauty of wood with the rich grain of the slab.

Incomparable Quality

5171 Arabetto5171 Arabetto

5171 Arabetto stems from a culmination of a long and winding path of lived experiences, directed imagination and human craftmanship. Caesarstone are synonymous with easy-to-clean surfaces that are built to last, being stain, scratch, chip and heat resistant. They will withstand daily use, and have been rigorously tested, plus Caesarstone worktops benefit from a lifetime warranty on residential applications for additional peace of mind. 


Explore in full Caesarstone’s latest collection, Whitelight, to create interiors that give a strong sense of wellness and serenity...

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Images Source: Caesarstone