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More homeowners are exploring the blending of juxtaposing stylisation. With increased efforts to modernise old homes, or on the flip side, add character into blank canvas new builds with little character existing inherently, the fusing of styles is increasingly prevalent. The possibilities of ‘old meets new’ is ever increasing with advancements in both modern styles, but equally more authentic and sympathetically created elements allow for the reminiscence of a period kitchen. 


Utilising the architectural backdrop

Some of us are blessed with period homes, whether it be a stately Georgian home, Victorian terrace, mid-century abode, 17th century barn conversion or an apartment within an industrial mill. The foundations of the building provide an abundantly detailed and characterful canvas. Though it’s always important to be sympathetic to the fundamentals of a building, it is vital to strike a balance with bringing it up-to-date by introducing contemporary touches. Not only do these visually make a kitchen much more satisfying, but from a practical point of view are essential for making a home functional and practical for everyday life. By making the most of the structural elements such as beams, fireplaces, exposed brickwork and stripped back flooring, then juxtaposing with a contemporary, clean-cut kitchen actually enhances these features. Gloss cabinetry and sleek polished or concrete worktops provide contrast to the more historic elements which simultaneously show off one another and fuse to create a highly desirable scheme. 

4023 Topus Concrete

4023 Topus Concrete


Injecting personality

For the growing numbers of new build homeowners, the comforts offered without the need to undergo extensive renovation projects and building work is an appealing option. But this doesn’t stop us naturally wanting homes filled with interesting architectural and design features. In this case, more thought and consideration is required to implement touches, in a way which feels authentic, in order to create a kitchen inspired by our favourite snapshot of the history of kitchen design. Choosing each component of a kitchen carefully utilising styles and materials which hark back to period properties can achieve this well - for example a traditional shaker style kitchen, with a marbled worktop and parquet flooring will instantly add a vast array of interest. Choosing the colour palette carefully will allow for the balance to be struck between the two extremes - for example a soft grey or coloured cabinet will ensure that the space feels contemporary and in keeping with the property itself, whilst affording the personality desired. Adding in quirky pieces of furniture will also inject elements of history and reflect your own personality, whilst fusing with the inherently modern interior to create a home that truly represents you. 

At Caesarstone, we’re constantly evolving concepts with the world’s lead designers, whilst developing new technologies and advancing production processes in our mission to create breakthrough designs. From this, we have an array of unique new designs to modernise any space. But we are equally passionate about pushing the boundaries of surface innovation with our interpretive approach and experimentations inspired by our favourite traditional surfaces. Caesarstone premium worktops visually and textually explore classic designs such as marble, stone, concrete. But our forward-thinking designs are carefully crafted to outperform these products in terms of durability and longevity.

Whether you’re wanting to showcase the best of modern or traditional in your kitchen, there is a Caesarstone worktop for you. See our collections at one of our studios to view as full slabs, enabling you to take in the scale of their beauty and feel their authentic texture. Book an appointment to find your favourite…

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Images source: Caesarstone