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Now that you’ve received a sample of your chosen Caesarstone surface, it’s time to take the next steps towards transforming your kitchen design ideas into reality. By putting careful thought into each element’s placement, you can create a cohesive design that will truly elevate your kitchen...

Before doing anything else, take the time to evaluate your sample and determine whether it meets all of your requirements. If you’ve ordered more than one, note which one already stands out in your eyes. Assess the colours of each sample in different lights and what they look like in possible placements within your kitchen. It's also worth considering how these samples will fit in with any new or existing items like cabinets or wall colours that already inhabit your space.

You'll also have the opportunity to test their maintenance level and see for yourself just how easy a Caesarstone surface is to clean and care for. As your quartz and porcelain worktops are engineered to the highest of standards for minimal care and maintenance, neither are porous nor require any kind of sealing, making wiping up spills and drips in your kitchen always quick and easy. Now that you have a sample in your hands, you can get a more in-depth sense of Caesarstone's durability and quality. Each worktop, and therefore each sample, has been beautifully designed and specifically crafted for the heart of your home. 

501 Snowdrift

501 Snowdrift 

Next, you’ll want to compare your sample with your current mood board ideas. Whether you want it to complement your chosen colours, textures and materials or contrast with them for a bold look, ensure you have a cohesive design that can easily translate from your board to your kitchen. Your Caesarstone sample is the perfect piece to anchor your mood board and focus your ideas. So, use this to whittle down your options and make definitive decisions that work with your chosen sample so you can complete your theme and move on to the next stage. 

For those who feel anxious during this step, fear not. Caesarstone surfaces are so stylish and versatile that they can complement a wide range of colourways and different kitchen materials. So, even once you’ve settled on a specific type, it doesn’t mean you’re suddenly limited to just one theme. You can always mix things up later and refresh your kitchen with other complementing textures and elements in time that will still work with your chosen worktop. 1001 Riverlet, with its gentle off-white base and honied-amber capillaries, aligns effortlessly with a light kitchen design. Copper and bronze fixtures work together with light wooden furnishings to bring out the golden, amber hues of this surface. However, Riverlet also pairs well with dark mahogany furniture and matte black accessories that can give your kitchen a bold yet classic contrast.

1001 Riverlet

Once satisfied with your Caesarstone samples and the overarching design for your new kitchen, you can start thinking about the installation process, and take it from us, having trusted professionals for your installation can make all the difference. When you've found your perfect Caesarstone worktop, you'll want to make sure you find a trusted partner for a hassle-free installation, which is where we can help.

Quartz and porcelain are different to natural materials like granite, concrete and marble so you’ll want to make sure that you choose experienced fabricators who understand exactly how to work with Caesarstone materials - this way, any intricate details like accent pieces and backsplashes can be seamlessly integrated into your overall design scheme. We're here as your project partner to ease the entire process, whether you are looking for a studio to manage your complete project, or require a quote from our nationwide network of fabricators if you've already sourced your cabinetry and appliances and require a cost estimate.

By combining creativity and quality materials such as Caesarstone, you can curate an eye-catching and highly functional kitchen space that you'll adore spending time in. Request a free sample from Caesarstone today and start creating your dream kitchen.

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