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Caesarstone for professionals: elevating culinary and floral artistry with chef, Egle Loit and florist, Bex Partridge

This past autumn, Caesarstone held a series of events in collaboration with chef, Egle Loit, and dried flower artist, Bex Partridge. They taught pasta-making and floral arranging workshops, putting the Caesarstone surfaces in Tom Howley’s London Wigmore Street showroom to the test. 

As always, the worktops performed flawlessly under the stresses of a high-traffic environment, wiping clean after encountering water spillages, vividly coloured ingredients, and pollen. Caesarstone surfaces are rigorously tested and backed by an abundance of key environmental certifications. Plus, crafted with longevity in mind, each design comes with a 10-year warranty for commercial settings – giving professionals peace of mind that their investment will stand the test of time. 

Today, we’ve asked Egle and Bex to share a bit more about their work and the importance of investing in a strong, reputable surface. Keep reading to discover why Caesarstone worktops are the perfect foundation for cooking and floristry alike. 

caesarstone-egle-loitTell us about yourself…

“Hi, I’m Egle. I’m a chef with a passion for pasta, classically trained through Westminster Kingsway. Originally from Estonia, I broke into the UK food scene after a career in journalism and public relations. I fell in love with cooking pasta upon taking a job at an Italian restaurant in Hackney, and after years of learning the craft, my business was born. Now, I teach pasta-making classes alongside running my eatery, Darling’s, nestled in the heart of Fish Island in East London.”

 Why should the worktop be a key kitchen design consideration?

“As a chef, the worktop is the heart of everything I do. It’s very important that my kitchen surface is durable and not going to stain, and that it’s easy to clean. I always choose materials and cooking equipment with the intention to not buy again any time soon. Short term solutions really aren't for me – I find them wasteful in so many ways. So I believe a good worktop should be a one-off investment, designed to last.”

What qualities do you look for in a worktop?

“Durability for sure. A worktop must be highly practical. I need to know that it will perform incredibly well under all the stresses of a busy professional kitchen, without worrying about staining or chipping it.

Caesarstone surfaces check all these boxes whilst also being beautiful to the eye. The very best surfaces, and products in general, bring good design and practicality together in this way.”

What aspects of a kitchen should avid chefs make sure to invest in?

“Personally, I would invest in a strong worktop, spacious drawer fridges, and a very good sink for streamlining food preparation and cleanup.”

Floral Artisty with Bex Patridge
Tell us about yourself…

“Hi, I’m Bex. A nature-loving, floral artist and the founder of my studio, Botanical Tales. I’ve been creating and playing with dried flowers for over seven years – but my love for all things that grow has been a constant thread throughout my life. I was that girl that spent most of her twenties at home growing sweet peas whilst her mates were living it up in London. Now I run a business that allows me to combine all the things I love: gardening, teaching, creating, and spending untold amounts of time out in the garden.”

Why is sustainability important to you? 

Sustainability is at the heart of my business and my values. I believe we should all tread as carefully as we can on this earth, being mindful of its finite resources. I place great importance on ensuring that what I create and do leaves as little trace as possible on this beautiful world.

In practice, this looks like growing my own flowers rather than shipping them in from far-flung places, avoiding the use of single-use plastic wherever possible, nurturing the soil that I grow on, and creating work that has longevity. Dried flowers last for years, meaning you have much less waste than you would if you’re frequently buying fresh flowers.”

Why is a hardworking surface important for those who work with flowers regularly?

“Working with flowers is a messy business. When preparing fresh flowers to dry, I'm looking for a worktop that can withstand water spills and messy bits such as pollen, green leaves, and stalks without staining. When creating with dried flowers, I seek out low-maintenance surfaces that can be easily swept up and cleaned over and over again, without ever having to worry about leaving unsightly marks behind.” 

Why do Caesarstone surfaces stand out to you?

“I’m always looking out for conscientious, like-minded brands who put sustainability at the forefront of their products. I love how Caesarstone’s beautiful surfaces boast a strength and durability that surpasses traditional worktop choices, whilst being backed up by an abundance of key environmental certifications.

I also love the organic depth and texture of Caesarstone surfaces. They have a warmth and comfort to them which is inviting and sits beautifully alongside the flowers that I work with. The grain and sparkle in certain styles also adds an elegant, complimenting backdrop to my work. Overall, I love how natural Caesarstone surfaces look and feel.”


Photography by James Mason