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Over the past decade, the way we use social media has changed to such an extent that we’re more likely to open up our Instagram feed over Google if we’re looking for something specific. As a platform based around sharing visual concepts, Instagram in particular has become a source of inspiration for almost anything – from food and travel to fashion and design, you can follow specific accounts so that your feed is tailored to your personal taste.

When it comes to interior design, there’s no end to the amount of Instagrammers creating content, with a pick and mix of both industry experts and everyday homeowners displaying their ideas and designs. The sheer saturation of the platform has meant it can be difficult to even know where to start – but it also means there’s endless opportunity to get inspired.

We’ve picked out 18 Instagram accounts with varied approaches and stylistic concepts, both professionals and hobbyists, which we think are setting the pace and pushing boundaries – the ones you need to follow for your daily dose of decor inspiration.




An awe-inspiring showcase of how to use colour throughout your home, from soft and subtle pastels to vivid primary hues.




Look no further than to Lisa Dawson for endless gallery wall inspiration. With a penchant for things a little out of the ordinary, you’ll get some quirky but beautiful ideas from her eclectic feed.




Love to look inside other people’s homes? The Modern House is a UK estate agent that only features design-led homes.




Labelled the rising stars of the interiors scene by The Sunday Times, the London-based interior designers, Jordan and Russell, own their own studio and have become renowned for their clever use of colour and shape. Their feed is a delightful symphony of pop colours and statement furniture.




If you’re ever in need of a quick hit of interiors inspiration, look no further than the effortlessly cool curation of Mr Buckley. Quirky designs, stunning architectural elements and abstract artistic concepts converge for a unique but perfectly formed feed.




Yellowtrace is an award-winning online design publication ‘for creative and curious minds’. Covering various angles of interior design, architecture, art, photography, travel and culture, their Instagram provides a snapshot of some of the world’s most beautiful homes and designs on a daily basis.

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Melanie Lissack uses her Instagram and blog as a virtual pinboard of ideas, tips and inspiration, predominantly sharing her own home renovation project and challenges along the way.




Flack Studio build complex relationships with their clients to create truly honest and unique designs. They like to ‘Flackify’ – to transform clients’ vision into an experience – and are often featured in the likes of Vogue Living and Elle Decor. Their feed consists of sophisticated homes around the world, all of which have been a little ‘Flackify-ed’ to make them unique.




The Design Files captures stories from people all around the world, boasting a diverse display of spaces both modern and traditional alongside specific shout-outs to artists and creatives. Perfect for whenever you need a dose of visual inspo, alongside detailed articles on the eponymous website that the ins-and-outs of each post.




Geraldine Tan is at the helm of this bold and vivacious Instagram interiors account based in London. Filled with kitsch charm and rainbow hues, it's the perfect account to add a little colour and fun to your feed. 




Who doesn’t love snooping around the sublime and serene interiors of the Aussies? Mim Design is a Melbourne-based studio with a comprehensive portfolio spanning 20 years across residential, hospitality and corporate projects. Take a look at their latest work on their Instagram, offering up an endless scroll of awe-inspiring interiors.




An endearing Instagram feed, telling the stories of their home renovation project. Filled with plenty of DIY hacks and sophisticated boho decor.




For a more personal Instagram feed, check out Lydia Elise Millen’s dedicated home interiors account. Taking her love of all things luxury into her home renovation project, you can follow her journey as she puts her own personal taste into each room.




Looking for something a little more out of the ordinary? Katie Woods demonstrates how to put your own stamp on a space, adding a bold and brilliant spin on interior trends.




If you follow the world of interior design at all, Kate Watson-Smyth needs little introduction. With accolades across Vogue, Stella and The Evening Standard, she’s frequently pinned at the top of the best interior bloggers lists. Just a quick scroll through her charmingly authentic feed will show you why.




Through crisp photography and a monotone colour palette, Abi Dare delivers a seamlessly coordinated Instagram feed that feels like a breath of fresh air. A clean and minimalistic approach to interiors that will inspire you to throw out anything you don’t need and relocate to the seaside.




Self-titled as the home of eclectic boho glam, Kimberly Duran showcases a treasure-trove of trinkets, florals and mixed-metallics that’s made her house a home. Perfect for ideas on how to fill any blank wall space…




Em Henderson, best-selling author and stylist, uses her Instagram to display her own beautifully designed home as well as those she admires and makeover projects. Alongside some stunning photographs, there’s plenty of insightful articles and expert guides to inspire you, too.


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Header Image Source: PlaceIt