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If you’re looking for a traditional kitchen, a few words quickly spring to mind – timeless, sophisticated, elegant. Despite the definition of traditional, it doesn’t necessarily have to mean conventional when it comes to the design and aesthetic of your space. A traditional kitchen can feel homely and familiar with subtle features such as simple moulding or solid brass handles that soften the entire design and create an effortlessly cosy and welcoming kitchen. 

Whether you want a completely traditional kitchen or are looking to add a twist to a timeless style, we’ve picked out six examples featuring our beautiful worktops to help you conceptualise your ideas.



This bright and airy kitchen showcases how traditional doesn’t have to be dull and drab. The use of glossy white cabinets with inset panels combines both classic and contemporary, with polished brass hardware frames adding a unique twist. The beautiful island showcases 5211 Noble Grey featuring deep grey veining that sweeps across a light grey base.


Whoever said traditional had to mean neutral? This inspiring design by Sweeney Handcrafted Furniture presents 6046 Moorland Fog, a granite-inspired quartz surface with undulating textures of light and dark brown veins set upon a creamy base, contrasted with a striking teal blue. A ‘waterfall’ island is a stunning option that will elevate a traditional island, alongside windowed cabinets for artful displays.



The energetic beige surface seen here, 580 Fume, can breathe new life into any traditional kitchen design, proving that traditional doesn’t have come across old fashioned. The cream-coloured veining creates a rich frothy feeling in the overall look of this unique slab with its authentic marbling effect that is both opulent and soft.



This kitchen embraces a number of complementing styles here, the gleaming white surface of 5031 Statuario Maximus mirrors the look of traditional marble, paired with rich, blue-hued cabinetry that makes the design feel modern and fresh. Again, metallic touches provide a new take on classic hardware.


One of the most unique ways that quartz can work within a traditional theme is through the beautiful edging that can be carved into the stone. 4141 Misty Carrera boasts an elaborate semi-bullnose design that complements the intricate woodwork and ornate embellishments of the cabinetry to add a timeless appeal. The perfect finishing touch to a classic style.



Louisa Eggleston, Creative Director for Humphrey Munson, chose to layer materials, combine colours and add a bold island from Caesarstone to create a balanced kitchen design. The gentle opaque base and the nuanced charcoal veining of our 5000 London Grey surface has a timeless elegance that serves to perfectly complement the traditional scheme. Read more about this Edwardian family home redesign here. 

Download our swatch book today to explore all of the different options Caesarstone has to offer to help you find the perfect fit for the heart of your home.

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