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Have you ever wondered what it is that differentiates a stylish kitchen from an impeccably designed work of art? It’s all in the details - the seemingly small but vitally important finishing touches that can transform your scheme and elevate its success. When designing your space, explore the anatomy of the kitchen and ensure you consider all elements, leaving no component without the care and attention it deserves. 


Waterfalls ends 

By nature, a kitchen island will be a visually dominating feature within the room. Take this to the next level and achieve a statement island with a flowing waterfall end. This gives a clean look and the perfect finish to your worksurface. Advance this style a step further by matching your flooring with your quartz worktop, the extension of which will create a truly luxurious, omnipresent feel. 


Upstands vs. full height splashbacks

Another element to consider adding to your kitchen is a grand feature wall. Create your own masterpiece by utilising a full-height splashback rather than a traditional upstand. It is almost impossible to find a more impressive display than a wall of premium quartz – whether you choose to match or contrast it with your main worktops. This method will seamlessly tie together different elements within the room that can otherwise seem disconnected, creating a more cohesive design. 



The centrepiece of your worktop will undoubtedly be your sink, which offers the opportunity to embrace a statement piece. Whether you opt for a fashionable brushed gold or copper finish sink, stone effect or an ever desirable butler sink, the choice will elevate your design. Take a step further with stylish taps as the 'jewel elements' to supplement the feature.


Finishing touches

The kitchen is a place to stimulate the senses, so considering the room as a tactile experience is just as important as the visuals. Contemplate the finish of the work surface and the options available - a sheer gloss surface will create an entirely different experience to an unfinished surface. 

For example, when choosing a light coloured work surface, you can either aim for a desired luminescent effect, opt for a pearlescent surface such as 1141 Pure White, or alternatively achieve a completely contrasting look with 4011 Cloudburst Concrete. Similarly, concrete finishes can either be polished for a sleek and contemporary look, like 2003 Concrete, or left rugged and raw, to achieve the look and feel of 4033 Rugged Concrete.


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Header Image Source: Caesarstone