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Historically, kitchens were treated as a separate entity from the dining area and living space. But today’s modern kitchen is all about the open-plan look, complete with zoned areas for cooking, washing, eating, working, relaxing and entertaining. With such a multi-faceted space, the pressure is on to create the ultimate design that answers all demands in one.

With practicality and layout being such a crucial part of modern kitchen design, it's important that you think about what does and doesn’t work in your existing space. Would it benefit from an extension or reconfiguration of its layout? How do you use the kitchen – is it mainly for quick meals or do you want to be able to sit and relax with the family after dinner? Once you've considered all of the practical elements, you can then begin to piece together your modern styled kitchen.


Style and design

There are many styles that come under the modern kitchen theme. Popular looks can include a Scandinavian design with plenty of white, black and wooden elements – think crisp, clean surfaces and timber cabinets that feature a natural horizontal grain. Add oversized pendant lights and brassware in the latest matte black finishes or rose gold effects for an instant Scandi look to your space. If you’re unsure which style best suits you and your kitchen space, try our visualiser and find a kitchen theme you’ll love.

Another way to achieve modern design is by using the minimalist approach. An open-plan space with white decor is a popular choice. The use of white worktops injects a sense of serenity and calm into the homely hub, whilst creating the illusion of a larger area. Add touches of personality through intricate veined work surfaces or a subtle flourish of colour.

5111 Statuario Nuvo

5111 Statuario Nuvo


Many opt to use colour as more of a statement, for example, their kitchen island. This provides a feature for the room, a centrepiece for guests to spend the evening around. When taking this approach, be sure to pick a muted tone for the rest of the scheme to create the perfect balance.

Industrial styles are also very much on-trend for modern kitchen designs. With exposed brickwork, stripped back floorboards and raw materials, it has a ‘pick and mix’ feel that focuses on salvage style with recycled and upcycled elements that are kind on the pocket as well as the environment.


Material matters

Many modern kitchens embrace the all-white trend. Not only does it provide a clean, clutter-free effect but it can also be quickly and easily updated with different accessories and finishing touches. Caesarstone’s surfaces pair perfectly with elements such as gloss white cabinets, whether you pick the pure look of 4600 Organic White, the industrial feel of 4001 Fresh Concrete or the dark veining that flows throughout the flawless white base of 5143 White Attica.

Simply adding a few carefully chosen appliances and ceramics to the surface provides a practical platform that offers instant impact as soon as you enter the room. Modern kitchens demand durability and that’s why high-quality surfaces from Caesarstone are a natural choice. Our worktops are resistant to stains, scratches and cracks. And with limitless design possibilities, it’s easy to see why we’re often chosen by architects, designers and homeowners alike.


Today’s tech

To take your modern kitchen to the next level, why not have a look at the latest in innovative technology. Taps now deliver instant boiling, chilled and sparkling filtered water whilst ovens take the guesswork out of cooking with automatic programmes that tell you what temperature and how long to cook for. 

You can find appliances that are now Wi-Fi controlled, so you can turn the washing machine and cooker on as you travel home from work. You can even buy a fridge-freezer that tells you what’s inside so you know what to add to your shopping list. 

Home automation is another area where our homes are becoming smarter thanks to app-operated systems that can control your heating, lighting, music, home security, window dressings and kitchen appliances, the modern kitchen is built for modern living and beyond. 


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