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Caesarstone is recognised as one of the most prominent names in the UK interiors market for many reasons. With more than 30 years of innovation in the design of trend-defining quartz surfaces, Caesarstone has continually been at the forefront of the industry, receiving a host of awards and plaudits from across the industry.

  • The appeal of Caesarstone worktop surfaces

  • Getting the best price for your dream Caesarstone worktop

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And while gracing the interiors of many of the world’s finest restaurants, hotels, and spas, Caesarstone’ surfaces are most predominantly found in the more modest, but no less aspirational, settings of worktops in domestic kitchens. The brand and its surfaces are an inspiring and reliable presence in the heart of the home for thousands of households across the globe, being a part of family life and the centrepiece of life’s moments. 

Caesarstone is synonymous with quartz worktops, having pioneered the use of quartz as a domestic countertop material in the late 1980s, and is renowned for its creativity, both in the design of the surfaces and in inspiring homeowners to explore new design worlds and trends in their own homes with the worktop as the foundation of refurbishments and new kitchens alike. 

The appeal of Caesarstone worktop surface

The designer appeal of Caesarstone transcends the boundary between home comfort and luxury appeal, your favourite surface from the collection is equally at home in a small galley or corner kitchens, or the newly added utility room in the rear extension, as it is in more spacious environments and open plan living spaces. The unmistakable design consideration of surfaces like 5143 White Attica, 5151 Empira White or 4011 Cloudburst Concrete serves to elevate any interior scheme, whilst the durability and safety of a Caesarstone worktop ensure it is a trusted surface for the rigours of daily life.

This is ever more important as the kitchen is redefined as not just a place to store food and cook meals, but as a social hub for friends and family, a makeshift office for working from home or a study for the children’s homework or latest creative endeavours. Increasingly a space that is multi-functional and multi-generational, Caesarstone is crafted to meet these new demands placed on the contemporary kitchen.

Added reassurance for homeowners comes from the 25-year warranty for Caesarstone surfaces in the domestic environment, and a comprehensive testing and certification programme that ensures every Caesarstone surface performs to the very highest of standards, a sign of our commitment to safety and performance.

5143 White Attica

5143 White Attica


Getting the best price for your dream Caesarstone worktop 

Despite the universality of the kitchen in its importance in our lives, every kitchen is different, and no kitchen project is exactly the same. You might be considering a statement splashback, or a new focal kitchen island for drinks and casual dining, a work surface for newly sourced units from a builder’s merchant, or you may just be looking to update your worktop for your existing trusted cabinetry for a refreshed look. Regardless, if you have a preferred Caesarstone design in mind for your project, you will want to ensure you are getting the best value from this investment.

If you are sourcing elements of your kitchen from different suppliers, it would be best to speak directly to one of Caesarstone’s preferred stonemason or fabricator partners when enquiring about the price of your worktop.

The quoted price of a Caesarstone worktop comprises both the material cost, and the cost of templating, cutting, and installing the surface. The latter will be the same regardless of which Caesarstone surface you choose, so it is worth asking your fabricator to separate any quotes into material and fabrication costs for easier understanding; particularly if you are struggling to decide between two or more Caesarstone designs.

Some of the industry’s leading designers advocate spending up to 20% of your kitchen project budget on your worktops as they are one of the largest single line-items in the space and critical to the design of your kitchen, so it is worthwhile in getting this right, not least as it is the most dominant surface area in the space and often a visual focal point. For most average sized kitchens, £2k to £5k should be a good estimate for budgeting purposes.

Your favoured Caesarstone surface may only be a few hundred pounds more, but the cost of a replacement, if you’re not completely satisfied with your worktop, will be significantly more, so make sure you pick the design that is right for you and your home. The investment in the right choice for the long-term will pay dividends for the life of your worktop.

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Caution should also be taken when selecting your worktops if alternatives are suggested by a stonemason. Whilst there are many quartz worktops available, not all quartz surfaces, nor manufacturers, are the same. 

There are often obvious aesthetic differences; rarely will a budget worktop look as good as a premium surface, and consider the testing, certification and provenance of any alternatives, as well as the warranty on the material.  If you’ve chosen a specific Caesarstone worktop surface having requested a sample, or visited one of the brand’s studios, you will quickly see the visual difference, and you can find the performance information on the website for complete transparency.  If you’re not familiar with a suggested alternate supplier, or you’re not sure of the origin of the worktop material, ask the question. A reputable supplier will be able to supply this information or feature this on their website.  

If you need help with finding a preferred Caesarstone fabrication partner, or have any questions on the Caesarstone range and choosing a surface, please e-mail the team at

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