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What does luxury mean for you? For some, it’s envisioned as a five star, beach-front hotel, for others, it takes the shape of an indulgent spa experience. Maybe your luxury is something different again. The meaning of luxury varies from person to person but the purpose of luxury tends to stay the same… to help people escape. As more and more of us experience this need for escapism, it’s natural that we’re reflecting it in how we choose to adorn our homes. Read on to find out how you can get the essence of luxury for your kitchen.

Make a statement with exquisite worktops 

Nothing connotes luxury like the beating heart of the kitchen... the worktops. They’re the core of the space and express effortless elegance throughout the room. Caesarstone’s beautifully crafted range of stonework surfaces is the epitome of opulence with a spectacular eye for detail. Ranging in colours from Pure White to Empira Black, your kitchen will undoubtedly accomplish the essence of luxury. Experience the beauty of Caesarstone for yourself and request a sample.5101 Empira Black

5101 Empira Black


Carefully crafted cabinetry

Refreshing your cabinetry is a great way to update the entirety of your kitchen. For example, shaker style doors are a timeless trend that beautifully accompanies a more traditional themed kitchen. However, if you feel your style is more colourful than traditional, you could opt for cabinetry bursting with bright shades and textures. Alternatively, you may choose to upgrade your current kitchen cupboards by switching out your handles for oversized door pulls or metallic stems to really add character to your design.5171 Arabetto

5171 Arabetto

The details of flooring

Whilst it’s often an afterthought, as we walk through our kitchens on a daily basis we shouldn’t forget the influence of flooring. Adding stylish tiles or parquet patterning can really rejuvenate the base element of the space, making for breathtaking foundations to elevate the room.

5133 Symphony Gray

5133 Symphony Gray


Luxe lighting

Careful consideration for the lighting is just as important to your kitchen design as anything else. Keeping the room brightly lit can completely transform the space. Modern and stylish fittings are key accessories for those aiming for an air of affluence. Whether you choose a more unique, statement focal luminaire, or opt for a more decorative, subtle lamp, you want to create a vibrant space to inspire and uplift. The next step is to decide their placement. For example, installing them higher up the walls helps create the illusion of a taller ceiling and therefore larger space.4011 Cloudburst Concrete

4011 Cloudburst Concrete

Ready to start piecing your dream kitchen together? Indulge in design and project inspiration with our Step-by-step guide to combining practicality and luxury in your kitchen.

Step-by-step guide to combining practicality and luxury in your kitchen