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No matter how far you are from your loved ones, we can rejoice in the fact that video call technology is enabling us to invite our family and friends into our homes.

Traditionally, food is what brings us all together, so even when you’re gathering virtually, head to the heart of the home to share your favourite culinary delights.

1. Firm up your guest list

First things first, just like with a traditional gathering, the starting point will be to invite your family and friends. An ideal number is between 4-6 people; enough for the conversation to flow whilst remaining the sense of an intimate gathering without feeling overcrowded. Reach out to find a mutually convenient time and date to host, then the planning can commence!


2. Select the technology

Decide which platform you’re going to use, download and test in advance. Zoom, Skype, and Houseparty are popular apps, or you may prefer to make use of existing social media platforms with group video call functionality, like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger or Facetime. 


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3. Set the scene

Take the chance to give your dining room a spruce - dress the table, add some flowers as a centrepiece and set the mood lighting. If you’re hosting for an occasion, perhaps a birthday party, Hen Do or welcoming a new member of the family, then add balloons, bunting and decorations to the setting to add to the ambience. 

4. Dress to impress

Part of the fun is having the chance to dress up. Just because you’re not meeting up in person doesn’t mean you can’t make an effort. Whether you want a fancy affair with a black-tie dress code or to create a fun fancy dress themed event, then get creative with what you can find at the back of your wardrobe.

5. Set your menu

The food is what brings us all together and all eating the same meal, even in different locations, creates a sense of unity. Take the opportunity to get creative and trial new dinner party recipes - don’t worry if things go awry, it’s often the chaos created whilst rustling up the meal that provides the greatest source of amusement. But equally, the night will be just as enjoyable if you keep it simple by ordering your favourite takeaway to simply sit back, relax and let the conversation and entertainment begin. 

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5. After-dinner entertainment

No dinner party is complete without additional entertainment to unveil that competitive streak; so let the games commence! Apps like Houseparty have inbuilt tests and games for you all to enjoy, or why not make it even more interesting by creating your own personalised quiz? With scope for joint online entertainment unlimited, take it a step further by progressing to a virtual board game, escape room, or embrace the trend for an entirely themed dinner party in the form of an interactive murder mystery. To extend the evening, why not head to the comforts of the sofa to let the food settle and utilise the new Netflix Party feature to sync up and enjoy your favourite films or television series altogether.

Most importantly, the evening is about coming together with your loved ones. So soak up their virtual company, relax and enjoy.


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