A look at 5 industrial style kitchens that showcase quartz

The industrial trend is all about creating a raw yet refined aesthetic. Originally born from old warehouse and factory conversions found within the big working cities of the ‘70s, it continues to influence modern decor year after year.

Things like exposed piping, original brickwork, floor-to-ceiling windows and concrete floors are typical motifs of an industrial renovation and in recent years, the kitchen has become an ideal host for these elements, naturally lending itself to the raw design traits.

Download the Caesarstone Collection brochureUtilising mixed materials of metal, wood and stone can instantly create an edgy industrial vibe, which is where the engineered stone of quartz can come into its own. With the ability to replicate the raw look and feel of granite and concrete, without any of the associated pitfalls, quartz is an ideal choice.

Take a look below at some of jaw-dropping examples of where quartz has been integrated within an industrial theme.



This kitchen has got all industrial aspects covered. Mixed materials? Check. Open shelving? Check. Edison-style filament bulbs? Check. Sometimes the thought of combining so many different textures into one room can feel a little daunting, however when it’s done right it really works. The key is moderation and balance. Here, the rugged, worn wood of the island base is perfectly contrasted with the solid, clean sheet of 4003 Sleek Concrete quartz.



A signature aspect of industrial style is openness: if you’re not lucky enough to have endlessly high ceilings, you can strip back everything you don’t need in your kitchen to avoid clutter. Hide appliances behind sleek, handleless cabinets and look for furniture and accessories that emulate simplicity. This minimalistic island built from 4011 Cloudburst Concrete demonstrates the versatility of quartz, paired with 4033 Rugged Concrete along the main units and wooden cabinets.



Part of a luxurious loft conversion, it’s easy to see how such a space lends itself to the industrial style. The exposed brickwork adds warmth and character, with mantles of coated black and stainless steel accessories, plus the addition of 5003 Piatra Grey quartz, which pull together the remnants of a disused factory.

 CS Industrial kitchen


A recent partnership saw Caesarstone worktops being implemented across a range of apartments situated within a warehouse renovation, featuring plenty of industrial trademarks like the unique barred windows you can see here. The kitchens display 4033 Rugged Concrete, which effortlessly fits the setting, boasting an authentic texture and urban aesthetic that juxtapose the smooth, streamlined cabinets.



As the industrial style evolves with trends and time, we’re seeing a bolder, more playful direction. Though minimalism is still the overarching concept, it’s the overlapping textures that truly complete the look. Wood, metals and concrete-like surfaces pull together in the kitchen for an unashamedly modern yet comfortable atmosphere.

And this is where quartz can truly make an impact; available in a diverse range of finishes that mirror natural stone and authentic textures. The Metropolitan Collection in particular draws inspiration from the manufacturing industry, utilising exclusive technology to create weathered patinas that look like oxidised steel, poured plaster and raw concrete.

To see the full range of quartz surfaces that Caesarstone have to offer, download our brochure now.

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Images Source: Caesarstone

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