5 reasons why you should choose Caesarstone worktops for your next kitchen

You’ve decided you want quartz worktops – now you need to figure out which supplier. There are a number of different routes you could choose to take at this stage, from a D.I.Y project where you seek out each element individually, to working alongside a kitchen designer that will do the leg-work for you. It might be that alternative options of quartz are presented – we may be biased, but we’ve got five reasons why you should choose Caesarstone for your worktops over any other supplier. 

1. Unmatched quality

We’re proud to produce such a high quality of quartz, with each and every one of our surfaces undergoing a rigorous control process to ensure they meet not only our exacting standards but also international standards. We have received worldwide recognition for our products' incomparable level of quality, as well as our commitment to safety procedures and environmental practices.

2. A competitive pricing structure

Across the market, prices can vary massively between different types of quartz. The inconsistencies mainly come from disparities in production techniques and aftercare, where some suppliers can cut corners and provide very low-cost products but inferior quality and no warranty.

Our extensive engineering and design process of Caesarstone quartz, coupled with our superior aftersales service, positions us as a premium brand. However, our pricing structure aims to cater for all budgets and deliver true value for money. In addition to freezing prices for the second year in a row, there are also regular price promotions targeted at products with high consumer interest.


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3. The Caesarstone Warranty

Our 25-year warranty is something that not all of our competitors are able to offer. Because of our particular selection of materials and thorough quality control process, we know that our products can stand the test of time. Our warranty is there to give you complete peace of mind so that you can enjoy your worktop for many years to come, worry free.

4. A range of unique designs

We go above and beyond a traditional design process to create a truly unique range of products, taking inspiration from such a diverse range of sources. From looking at delicate patterns found within nature to collaborating with pioneering interior designers, we don’t simply seek to mimic natural stone formations. In fact, the patterns and textures of our surfaces can’t actually be found anywhere in nature. With almost 50 variations now in our ever-growing collection, there’s a design to suit every style of kitchen.

5. Superior durability and low maintenance

Again, our very particular material selection process means that Caesarstone quartz can deliver superior characteristics to that of marble, granite and even other manufactured quartz surfaces. It’s highly resistant to scratches and scuffs, as well as high temperatures and staining. Our quartz worktops are non-porous, which means it requires little upkeep on your end to keep it looking pristine. A simple soap and water solution is enough to gently cleanse the surface, with no need to wax or seal it, either.

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Header Image Source: Caesarstone

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